We headed to Scotland with a bunch of cameras, a roof tent and a vague list of the places we wanted to shoot. There was no set route but we did have the freedom to wild camp, to wake up in new surroundings and to decide on a whim our plans for the day ahead. We were blessed with six days of typically Scottish weather; rain, mist and not a single sunrise or sunset. Regardless of the weather conditions it was an incredible week spent in good company and beautiful places.


I guess we make it look simple;  just going places and taking photos. Except I believe that there is more to it than that. It was early starts on long roads, and strangers from the internet becoming real life friends.

Constant tiredness and a distinct lack of personal space.

It was making memories, telling stories and being honest. Mostly laughing but sometimes grumpy. A damp tent, falling over and not showering for days.

It was being in a bad mood and going to bed the first time that I saw the northern lights. Regretting that forever. But in that same moment listening to the excitement in my friends voices and knowing I’ll never forget that either.