Branding and Product

Authentic and considered brand imagery.

Photography is an important part of a brands visual identity and I work closely with brands to capture their vision. With an appreciation for design and craftsmanship, I create authentic and considered imagery. 

Whether you are looking for a campaign shoot, product imagery or content for social media I would love to work with you. From the initial concept to styling and shooting, I can tailor my branding package to fit your requirements. 

Clients and Collaborations

Barton Croft, Water Journal, Atelier Cabinet Makers, Sleepy Doe, East by East West, Stutterheim, Bedfolk, Rains, Tribe Archipelago, Wass Skin, Ashley Heather, Christina Oswin, Lucie Cast, Ollie Quinn, Neul Official, Km by Lange, Tiane Tenui.