There is something captivating about water, perhaps it’s fundamental part in our survival and without it our inevitable death. The ocean can be calming and peaceful, yet the same body of water has the power to drown us, to sink ships and to destroy homes.

Most of the time that I spend near the ocean is time spent alone. Not always a conscious choice, but sometimes. It is the place I go to cry, to think about my life and to put things in perspective. Standing infront of such a huge expanse has a wonderful way of making me and my troubles feel insignificant.

But other times I walk along the shore so consumed by the beauty of it. In awe, and happy. It is one of my favourite things to photograph and places to spend time with friends. I am fascinated by the the textures and movement, the lulls back and forth on the sand and crashing into rocks.

It can be calm or a storm but its always beautiful. The smell, the salt, the sound. If I belong anywhere in this world I am sure that it is near the sea.